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Power Hula, not free but definately Fun! | July 12, 2010

Next session July 15 – August 19

Thursday evenings 6:15- 7:15pm

Spring into ACTION with Power Hula

6 classes for $65 (includes one make-up session)

Unlike any other fitness class, Power Hula is a fusion of hula basics and over 40 minutes of muscle conditioning that will help you improve both your dance posture as well as your overall physical health. The use of stability balls, resistance bands, medicine balls and dumbbells, along with isolation exercises will take your dancing, and your fitness strength, to the next level! During this hour you will be inspired to groove to the energetic sounds of Polynesian techno and the pulsating rhythmic drum-beats of kahiko (ancient) chants and mele (music). Whether you’re new to hula, experienced only in a few simple dance steps, or feel as if you have no rhythm whatsoever, you are sure to get a great workout no matter what your background!

For those who want more than just an “exercise class” we can work together to build a support system and help you set a personal goal, whether it be to strengthen your hula hips, fit into your favorite pair of jeans, or lose a few pounds for that special occasion. Like many of you I too have struggled and continue to battle with my weight so I know the challenge and understand the the amount of energy required to just be marginally healthy, but in me there is an endless reservoir of compassion and I promise to be your biggest cheerleader!

Space is limited so sign up early
Maximum capacity – 15 students

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