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Free Food! Ok free recipes and food demos | June 10, 2010

Everyone loves free food, why do you think there are so many people in Costco on the weekends?  Free samples.  I’ve become quite a cook since being laid off, I’ve been featured in the Food and Wine section of the Oakland Tribune twice!  Here are a couple of recommendations for  places to find free cooking classes.  PBS on Saturdays has cooking shows all day, and you can get PBS without having to pay for cable.  Hulu.com has cooking shows along with their top hits from primetime.  In addition my favorite cooking website www.allrecipes.com features videos on how to cook.  Here are a couple of cooking demonstrations found in the East Bay this weekend and in the near future. 

6/12 Cooking with Fire! Peralta Hacienda Historical Park will play host a multicultural cook out.  2:30-5:30 Free but reservation must be made.  www.peraltahacienda.org

6/15 as well as one in July, August and Sept.  Berkeley Farmers Market 4:30-6:30 demonstrations by Bauman College.  This series has a special focus on nutrition for people healing from illness. www.ecologycenter.org

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